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Park Rules

The Park’s main and Marshal Baghramian Metro station entrance is open to public every day from 06:00 to 02:00 (from 01.12 through 31.03- from 07:00 to 01:00), and Demirchian Street and Proshyan cul-de-sac entrances are open daily from 07:00 to 19:00.


The Boghossian Gardens Foundation as the operator of Lovers' Park Yerevan notifies you of your rights and responsibilities on the park premises. By entering the park you agree to these terms, and their legal consequences will be applicable to you. 

Those violating the rules (or, in the case of children and animals, their custodians or those accompanying them) will be inflicted a penalty in accordance with the administrative, civil, and criminal legislation of the Republic of Armenia. 

Do not enter the water. 
The pond and all other water features are not designed for swimming and contain chemicals that are dangerous to humans and animals.

Do not climb on waterfalls, stone compositions, trees or hills. 
The waterfalls, stone compositions, and hills in the park have been created for decorative purposes and are not designed to bear the weight of adults, children or animals. They can be damaged easily and may inflict bodily harm to you, your child or your pet.

Do not litter. 

  • Appropriate bins for glass, paper, plastic and aluminum are placed in areas around the park. Please sort waste according to the signs on the bins.
  • Consumption of foods, in particular, sunflower seeds and similar snacks, which result in littering the park, is not permitted.
  • We expect your active support in the maintenance and cleanliness of the park.

Do not damage or deface the Park or park property. 

  • Please use the park property with care. Compensation for damaged property shall be sought according to the price list prepared by the park administration or in accordance to market prices.
  • While visitors are invited to enjoy the entire premises of the park, they are asked to respect signs, gates and fences indicating areas that are closed to visitor traffic due to park maintenance or other issues. 

The Park is a pet-free zone. 

  • Based on the first years’ experience of the maintenance of the park, the administration forbids the entrance of any kind of pets into the park.
  • Injuring other person by a pet is criminally punishable. In such cases the park personnel are authorized to call the police.

Do not smoke in buildings within the park and in the “Happy Playground” zone. 
Boghossian Gardens together with the College of Health Sciences (CHS) of the American University of Armenia and the Coalition for Tobacco Free Armenia launched the first smoke free playground called “Happy Playground where People do not Smoke” in Yerevan on the occasion of the World No Tobacco Day. Within the framework of this program the children’s playground and its neighboring area are planned to be declared a smoke-free zone. We respect the smokers’ rights and ask them to respect the right of non-smokers and not to smoke in the above mentioned areas of the park.

Bicycles and other wheeled vehicles are not permitted in the park. 
As there are small mounds and rocky trails, this becomes an obstacle for using wheeled vehicles. It is not forbidden to use baby strollers in the park because they are under parents' direct supervision and attention. It is not forbidden to use wheelchairs in the park either, because there are several roads in the park, which are made specifically for disabled people.

Playing ball in the Park is not permitted. 
As not all the roads are flat in the park, there are small mounds and rocky trails. The paths in the park are very narrow and are not envisaged for playing a ball. Playing badminton is possible, but not on the grass areas of the park.

The Administration of the park is not responsible for: 

  • Loss or damage of personal belongings on park premises.
  • The safety of visitors and their children. The safety of children in the Park is the responsibility of their parents or those accompanying them.
  • The security guards and other employees of the park can offer their help at their own volition; the Administration of the park bears no responsibility for inaction.
  • Any damages caused to the visitor or a third party not caused by the direct fault of the park personnel or management.

While relaxing at the park please also take into consideration the rights and needs of other people, as well as the rules of public order.
In order to conduct any organized or group activity in the park (video and/or photo shoots, sound recordings, organized group meetings, etc.), prior written consent of the Administration should be obtained. For the terms and conditions, please refer to our website, Facebook page or apply to our Administration.

Park personnel must also abide by these Rules. The park employees are the legal representatives of the park administration and are authorized to enforce the rules. In case of violations, they are authorized to issue warnings and take appropriate action, including calling for the security guards of the park and/or representatives of the police.

We anticipate your cooperation and ask you to abide by the rules, as they have been above all set to ensure your leisure.